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7/15/10, Laguna Beach, CA.

Owning Patricia: A Story of Breaking Free by Patricia Bonelli


The ability to meet one’s perception of danger without being held back by fear.


To give back possession of;
to turn away from inadequacy and failure.


To be in accurate agreement with the facts.

“I’ve had decades of practice in hiding behind an edited life, a half-truth. Painful events caused me to devalue who I had been. Voices echoed: “People leave you,” and you are not worthy.” I did not ever want that to be my story, then or now…but that’s how my life got started, with abandonment, followed by neglect, escalated to exploitation.”

Patricia Bonelli

What woman hasn’t wished she could erase painful life events, challenging circumstances, and haunting memories?? But what if, instead, every woman had the courage to unveil the truth behind her story and look for the redemption on that path?

Patricia Bonelli’s “Owning Patricia”, is a raw, tender inspirational true story of a grown woman retracing her youthful missteps into darkness. Bonelli’s purpose of fully embracing her story, owning who she was in the past, in order to command her life in the present, provides inspiration for anyone who might themselves dare to illuminate a less than pristine past.

She writes, “By the age of 12, I found myself left to my own devices…With no sense of who I was or how I would provide for myself, I chose a series of degrading and desperate corridors to walk through.” Life as an out-of-control runaway living on the streets paved the way to prostitution and entrapment (“I had a seventh-grade education and the only way I knew how to make money was on my back.”); leading to being “rescued” by becoming the domestic partner of a drug runner. By age 23, Bonelli was a single mother of three, requiring refuge in the Witness Protection Program.

As Bonelli tells her tale of transcending her early circumstances to lead a rewarding life and successful career in law enforcement, and becoming the mother to her children that was never modeled for her, readers witness the unstoppable determination of a woman proving her worth and prioritizing connection to those she cares about.

At each chapter’s end, Bonelli has worked her memoir into a self-help format, providing thought-provoking questions for the reader to journal about. Bonelli is a seeker and a sage, showing how she transformd her life–and hopes to help others do the same–in a book that readers won’t put down, without learning life-lessons of their own along the way.

Bonelli invites readers into her story by saying, “Sometimes we need to relate our stories to one another to share the tragedies we have faced in life. We gain comfort in knowing we are not alone. There are universal struggles we each face with abandonment, rejection, loss, though through different unique sets of circumstances. By telling the unedited version of my story, I have realized, at a deep level, how much I have in common with women everywhere.”

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