Patricia Bonelli

I Don’t Want to Grow Up: From a Guy’s Point of View

What does growing up mean for a man? For some, it can mean conforming to a life defined by others. However, many thirty- to forty-something men have shunned conforming because it translates into being required to live someone else’s life. Growing old (or up) may be interpreted as “the end of life as you know […]


A Two-Pronged Text of Pure Forgiveness

Many times we say “I forgive you,” yet often this is a verbal exercise. Do we really allow the room or space for a new beginning? What truly changes … what are we open for? Frequently, our language doesn’t correspond to our emotions. How does the heart and mind integrate forgiveness into a way of […]


Revised Relationship Perspective

Most of us long for the joy of a sacred partnership. According to and eHarmony, many singles are seeking partnership. Yet we approach acquiring a partner much like a job interview: “Put on your game face and may the best man win!” We seldom enter the meeting arena with blanket acceptance or willingness. We […]


The Pressure to Be Beautful

For generations all across America, little girls have been raised, shaped, and encouraged to be as attractive as their physical assets allow. Essentially, the message to them has been “promote and lead with your looks.” In the last decade, with the help of surgical enhancements, an increased population, and a tolerant culture, the competition has […]


Can Men Learn to Be Gentlemen after Forty??

After some time swimming in the “dating pool,” I have found that many available men are not up for (or to) the job of dating. They prefer the “meet and greet” approach. I suppose in an environment where time is precious and baggage is plentiful, the “once over” can make sense. However, guys, after the […]


A Meaningful Life

One of the greatest demonstrations of a meaningful life is making time work for you! There are only two things you can do about time with your brainpower: You can spend it, or you can invest it. Time spent (wasted) is gone forever (e.g. yesterday’s news). Decide today not to live in historic events. There […]


Examining How We Discover and Live Our Truth

In seeking my authentic self, I have found that I cannot get very far if I haven’t come face to face with my truth. Our truth is designed by who we are–in totality. This truth embodies our beliefs, our priorities, and our view of our role in the world. It speaks to our relationships with […]


Blessing and Releasing

Today I ask God to bless all the things I have held against myself and to help me release them. Often we don’t see what is in front of us; we see who we are. When I was a youngster, my mother was hospitalized, and I was often left home alone for protracted periods. Then […]


Ageless Dreams

Recently, I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed I lived in a culture where age is honored and wisdom is revered. Then I awoke and realized I live in America, a land overly impacted by media hype and the “Spin” of what is “In.” Ironically, we also live in a time and place where the […]


Being Part of What You May Not Understand

I believe that at some level, many of us fear being left alone without guidance or a hand to hold; for some this anxiety is riveting. This is understandable because we were made to coexist. But it is how we do it and with what confidence we do it that create who we are and […]

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