A Poem of a Street Survivor / The Making of a Girl

The FBI announced it has arrested 150 pimps and rescued more than 100 exploited teenagers involved in sex trafficking. Who are these exploited girls? How could this happen?

The answer is it happens everyday; a girl who becomes lost along the way.
Her soul becomes their prey. Girls abandoned or who have run away.
What is the fate of a life with no direction when her safety is at stake?
No more illusions only uncertain fate.
Then the deep voice of false hope finds her and offers a lifeline.
Telling her come walk with me and it will be fine
What does she have to lose–resignation fills her empty space
The broken spirit crushes dreams no longer in place
Numbness fills the void where affection no longer exist
Fear and danger are what persist

The disgust in the eyes of a stranger leave her cold
Confirmed is her story of unworthy.. so she’s been told.
Back to the corner now she is bold
The muttering how she can do that to herself.. burns in her soul
The walls built around her serve as armor to what is no longer whole
False confidence insulates her from what others think
Don’t link your pity to her.. Too little.. Too late

You didn’t see me in front of you when my world was at stake
So call it a headline or a new epidemic
Pretend not to see your daughter… your sister or… even me
The sting of being beaten down creates its own justification for more of the same
No need to blame me for allowing it to remain

Please place those judgments aside and free us from the need to hide
The fallen youth exploited share a common link
Most become stronger than you may think
One question remains, who reaped the benefits from this tragic charade?

~A Street Survivor

The Making of a Girl

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