An Aptitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is more than a thought – it is a way of BEING. It colors how we see the world. It can actually become a way to look at most situations. Gratitude as a perspective can impact how we navigate through situations. Essentially, it is a space from which we view. When we “hold” gratitude as a way to BEING in our world we can ignite a behavior that lets the sun shine through.

This is empowerment; change your thinking and you can change your circumstances.

Gratitude can be contagious. It may attract others who want to be near the radiance of joy and the smiles shared. Gratitude can adjust the condition on your environment. The ability to look for the blessing in our circumstances creates acceptance instead of dread. When we go through life and view everything as a gift; new possibilities actually emerge. This is the opposite of control, angst, fear or rejection.

In reality, we cannot control life, so why not accept what “is” and appreciate it. We always have a choice to find the constructive meaning in the encounter/situation…or we can reject it, make it wrong, become a victim or discount it.

Simply put – gratitude is not just for you – it is for those around you. When we act in gratitude we become a powerful source of positive energy. We have the potential to create a ripple effect in our own world and for those that share our space.

Just as misery finds comfort in company… gratitude finds empowerment in harmony.  So choose the way of being will get you the best value for the energy spent.

Gratitude is a way of being that requires a decision and discipline. The inclination to veer off will exit, as we are human. Compounding that is the American culture, which focuses on; material things, who you know, what you have; instead of being the best ME I can BE. The constant media feed of tells us what we should value, what we should think and how we should live is an exhaustive merry-go-round of empty promises. Add to that the fact that personal growth is now exchanged for simple conveniences (just Google it) and perhaps we’ve hit a wall.

If you accept that your thoughts color and create your circumstances you have the beginning tool of insight. Move into a conscious connection to your behavior. When you get tweaked, replace the action to rebuff what has occurred with the nobility of acceptance. Over time if we replace old habits with the new habit of remaining in wonder – awesome events can & will occur.

This is a challenge to create a winning habit and perhaps a call to the survival of the fittest. This is our life course. Instead of saying it not about you, accept that is about us!

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