Patricia Bonelli

Misogyny… Capture the Flag

In a world of possibilities there is truth that labels confine. However we can observe a patterned behavior, identify it and release its grip. In identifying the root cause (without shame/blame) we can eradicate the behavior that stems from a latent condition. The condition may often be the result of a relationship with a parent. […]

A Poem of a Street Survivor / The Making of a Girl

A Poem of a Street Survivor / The Making of a Girl

The FBI announced it has arrested 150 pimps and rescued more than 100 exploited teenagers involved in sex trafficking. Who are these exploited girls? How could this happen? The answer is it happens everyday; a girl who becomes lost along the way. Her soul becomes their prey. Girls abandoned or who have run away. What […]


An Aptitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is more than a thought – it is a way of BEING. It colors how we see the world. It can actually become a way to look at most situations. Gratitude as a perspective can impact how we navigate through situations. Essentially, it is a space from which we view. When we “hold” gratitude as […]

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