A Meaningful Life

One of the greatest demonstrations of a meaningful life is making time work for you! There are only two things you can do about time with your brainpower: You can spend it, or you can invest it. Time spent (wasted) is gone forever (e.g. yesterday’s news).

Decide today not to live in historic events. There you will be investing time from the past as well as the present (double dipping) on this story line. If the experience of the story is unpleasant, stop. Ask yourself how is the repetition of this possibly serving you? Get honest–then get over it–end the connection to what didn’t (doesn’t) work.

Become an advocate for your life and get in the game–willing to play (all hands), believing in faith, and yes even taking risks to enhance the learning curve rather than expecting immediate results or relief.

On the flip side of time wasted is time invested! This is where your heart shifts from a dormant position to a position of power! It is here. You are taking steps to live life fully. Time invested in the form of learning creates a payoff in knowledge and increased opportunity and joy!

First, you must decide and believe that you can achieve and create the life you desire.

Make today the day. Decide right now that you are going to invest your greatest asset, which is your time, in learning and implementing skills–things that will bring you closer to your desires. Take action. Use your dreams to move you in a desired direction. Use your heart to inspire your goal(s).

Do not dupe yourself into believing that achieving your goal will provide lasting satisfaction in and of itself. Become committed to achieving the collateral benefits today, too, then from here (in fertile soil), plant and harvest seeds for the goal to grow. Nurture it daily in the ways you “show up” (consider and serve) to others.

In joy!


P.S. Strategies that take your life to the next level may be found by listening. . . . However; success comes in practical application (doing), through trial and error. . . . Yes, over and over–until you get it! The more willing you are, the easier the process becomes. From there you then move to the next lesson on life’s game board. :-)

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