Examining How We Discover and Live Our Truth

In seeking my authentic self, I have found that I cannot get very far if I haven’t come face to face with my truth.

Our truth is designed by who we are–in totality. This truth embodies our beliefs, our priorities, and our view of our role in the world. It speaks to our relationships with family, friends, and others who have had an impact on us along our journey. It speaks to our dreams as well as our fears. However, while being influenced by these variables, ultimately our truth is who we are to ourselves. It is born out of that relationship with oneself.

For most of us, finding our truth begins with looking at our past truth (who we were), our present truth (who we are right this moment), and our future truth (who we wish to be).

My truth several decades ago (who I was) was that of a neglected, angry young girl who felt no sense of belonging. I sought refuge in physical promiscuity, as I believed I was the sum of my body parts. I had no dreams, and although I wanted something better, I truly didn’t believe it was in the cards for me. This posture promoted an angry undercurrent inside my soul. After being raped and desecrated, I woke up to find that I could use my body parts for things that bought food and shelter. However, after years of experiencing the painful reality that was prostitution, I remained segregated, an outsider–a continuing member of the street social tribe. At that time, honoring my body was a foreign concept to me; however, the psychological and physical beatings that went along with that way of life finally caused me to flee. I began to allow myself to want more and believe that perhaps I was worth more (this is who I was at that moment). That pivotal position launched me onto a path that promoted education and the nurturing of myself and of my small child. I still had much to learn; however, the gears had changed, and the path I was on no longer was defeating my potential. Within a few years, marked changes occurred, and although I still struggled with how to live a quality life, I began to try with all my might (who I wished to be) to become an educated, upstanding, professional member of society with the credentials to help other people in similar stuck positions. Like many, shifting my life circumstances did not have a quick fix. It was evolutional.

It included disappointments, setbacks, joys, and accomplishments.

While these factors certainly influence the quality of our lives, they DO NOT define who we are; therefore, they cannot become the truth of who we are. That truth lies in what we each extract from every circumstance; it resides in the experience.

So I ask you to take a look at your role in your life. Examine how past and present relationships with family and friends have impacted your willingness to live in alignment with your truth (who you are). How has your truth been influenced by your relationships with others? Who have you become in these roles and in these relationships (who you are right at this moment)? Now imagine how this way of being may impact your future (who you wish to be). If the answer is that your current role or relationship does not foster who you wish to be, perhaps you are out of alignment with your truth. In this scenario, I encourage you to consider changing gears and perhaps becoming an advocate for your truth. This means changing who you are being.

If you are miles off the path of what you want for yourself versus what you are getting, perhaps it is time to ask yourself if you are serving your highest good by remaining in your current posture. Is it in alignment with who you are being? Perhaps an adjustment may be needed to bring you into accordance with your truth. You can facilitate that by changing your behavior, aligning with actions now to change what your truth will be.

Once we come face to face with our truth, the path towards alignment becomes almost automatic.

This is personal power and a huge testimony to self-love and fulfillment. It is the process of integrity shaping the design of what you stand for that is your truth. There is no right or wrong to one’s truth because it is unique for each person, originating from a culmination of her or his personal experiences. It cannot be disputed. However, it can be augmented with time, events, and, most importantly, behaviors. The secret is establishing a role as your own best friend “in action,” underscoring that you are worthy and deserving of the life you are out here to live. Each of us has this in our heart–seek it and you will find it. Acknowledge your truth and begin to live it!

I will share one further secret: living in truth, you will find that blame and deception melt away, as they have no significance—wham–living in truth; therefore, their grip is released.

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