Patricia Bonelli

Blessing and Releasing

Today I ask God to bless all the things I have held against myself and to help me release them. Often we don’t see what is in front of us; we see who we are. When I was a youngster, my mother was hospitalized, and I was often left home alone for protracted periods. Then […]


Ageless Dreams

Recently, I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed I lived in a culture where age is honored and wisdom is revered. Then I awoke and realized I live in America, a land overly impacted by media hype and the “Spin” of what is “In.” Ironically, we also live in a time and place where the […]


Being Part of What You May Not Understand

I believe that at some level, many of us fear being left alone without guidance or a hand to hold; for some this anxiety is riveting. This is understandable because we were made to coexist. But it is how we do it and with what confidence we do it that create who we are and […]

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