Cleaning Out the Closet

Everyone has a story to tell about their life.
We have the truth of the story and the edited version we prefer to share.
Our histories may be full of raw, ugly thoughts full of betrayal and loneliness, ignorance and despair, fear and even greed as impacting themes.

There is a reason we live our stories… I believe it is to get to our real truth. Not the story that our family or society has imposed on us.

But the story of truth from where we have emerged.

How many of us have hidden a portion of ourselves that we have felt would be rejected or judged by another? What if we accepted the possibility that there is inspiration lurking underneath every single story that hurts yours and mine? How many of us have hid a portion of ourselves that we find unattractive or unfitting?

Could we then relieve ourselves from bondage of the white lie and live in truth of who we fully are.

Well, I suppose I am like anyone else and those things that are unpalatable to others about me I once edited rather than to stand naked in my truth.

However over time, I found that there was a missing link- something not honored or nurtured yet forgotten but not forgiven. Even as I grew in spiritual knowledge and faith a cloud seemed to hover over me. It was as if a shadow passed over the light. Then something cathartic happened, I moved through the block apprehension of disclosure. Something miraculous occurred, I owned it… all!! The good and the bad times and yes even the ugly.

Today it is my intention to encourage you too- to embrace your defects, limitations and frailties with arms of comfort. Tell ridicule and fear to leave the room. Let’s unite in bringing courage to those who feel alone in the silence of an untold truth. We are not only as good as the hand we were dealt- we are the result of how we play the hand! Today I am strong and I am powerful because of all the places I have been. With arms wide open without hesitation, I accept them all!~!

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