I wrote my memoir to share a story of transformation; from living as an unwanted child, experiencing degradation as a teenage prostitute on the streets of San Francisco to finally emerging as an educated professional member of society.  Yet, I hid the information about my earlier history throughout my life. It was not until I entered my 5th decade that I fully realized those early dark and tortured times were an important part of my life too.  They shaped who I am today in numerous ways.  I believe we are all born with the ability to turn our difficulties into opportunities.  The raw experiences of my earlier life gave me qualities of resourcefulness, confidence, and sharpened my instincts.  In owning all of it, I value the experiences, good and not-so-good, as blessings which ultimately created me, the person I am today. Without shame, I fully own my name, who I was, and who I am today.

Endorsement for Affinity Place

This book is a platform from which greater good and accomplishment is to be derived. As we accept our gifts with gratitude we widen the scope of compassion and thus our aptitude expands beyond self. It is here we may be of service to others in such a way that we truly pay forward the sum of our experiences. The success of this book will support the implementation of the Affinity Place program. This non-profit program has been developed under the Agape Foundation for Women Inc. The program is designed to serve young women aged 17-21, providing them with a strong skill set and the internal discipline and confidence to become powerful leaders and productive members within their communities.

Our Mission Statement

The Affinity center is a resource-based learning program for young women of California. Our goal is to mentor participants while they acquire skills to live powerfully and productively as they create their own independence. Our purpose is to strengthen families, grow sustainable personal development, cultivate leadership, and foster respect for all. Our supportive environment combined with proficient professionals, an intense curriculum, program tools and lifestyle skills is designed to yield advanced results. Affinity Place is committed to building a solid foundation for women to become effective contributing members of society.


Where energy is connected into the light

Affinity- Marked by community of interest with compassion: KINSHIP: an attraction to or liking for something.


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